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(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)
Our Day of Shame

On the anniversary of the day of our shame
When homes rupture into flame
And the warrior meets the peacemaker
Will it not be a humble reckoning?
Will not the nobility of man shine down upon us?
Will this light not rumble at the door of freedom,
The will for excellence and splendor come forth,
Be a splendid ballet upon the stage of governance
Pirouetting over all the ornately cold and corrupt?

O! Our day of shame
Be gentle that our swollen eyes might shut

Our day of shame
Bring our souls `round to enchanting music

Our day of shame
Spring a fountain of hope and a child’s joy

Our day of shame
Offer wine instead of overflowing blood

Our day of shame
Be a voice to the sky hovering in the heavens

Our day of shame
Be a builder, a carpenter of love and elation

Our day of shame
Be a consoling hand and offer it willingly

Our day of shame
Be a martyr of peace with strength and will

Our day of shame
Emerge as peacemaker, not ravenous warrior.

On our day of shame
Explode not in shrapnel to create shards of gloom,
But bring with us a hope unwrapped and bursting,
A magnificent gift teeming in truth and radiance
With stars bowing their silent expressions upon all
Lighting the paths that lead back to human charity
Where the cities of paradise lift their breathing souls-
Or be done with it…

Copyright © 2008 mrp / thepoetryman

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