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(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

It is with a slow strangling
that tongues wag of gods.
And that floods come their raging,
tumbling between valleys,
seizing what’s in font of them
and not what’s prepared to go.
Each tongue’s a star.
Behold the light
quaking against the teeth.
Behind them whirl grand dreams;
tiny gods treading the water,
holding tight to hovering rooftops,
seeing familiar parchment drown
next to a child’s stuffed animal,
tiny eyes wet with grief
knowing it will float,
drift out to some sea
into a far-off port
worshipped by a child
wrapped in chains.

We said nothing.
Nested deep
like coal miner’s lungs
lost in the filth of our sleep.

We said nothing.
Scooped away
our well of freedom
with dry, disbelieving lips.

We said nothing.
Panicky moths
fluttering to flame,
delicate wings igniting.

Stirring and shrieking
below our shells
we can only guess
what men do,
But in this;
the jolting arms of one,
we become childlike,
singing and vanishing
all at once…
O! The sheer astonishment
of our time!
Twisting on the world,
writhing and demanding,
jumping and coiling,
taking and yielding,
not what we’ve withheld of our gods…
but of ourselves.

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman

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