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This one is for my longtime blogging friend, QUASAR9, 11D Space Surfer.

Yes. The poem is political, see if you can guess, but the beauty that Q9 brings to the blogosphere goes far beyond such matters. His blog is amazing, and I mean out of this world amazing!
Like to travel fast,
almost at the speed of light,
and dance with the Starlight...

"Planetary Nebula NGC2371" via Quasar9

Swaggering great comet,
Fire born, dashing the sky in hell’s dust,

dazzling twinkles in your wake-
ferocious smirk

riding such turned up lips
under graying komētēs.

Great swaggering comet,
atop your hairlike steed

declaring triumph,
declining downward like Rome.


Out of the vast mist comes a new storm.
Its radiance moves down where clouds

of its coming split the pillars of creation
like sunlight on the back of night.

Far away, where birth glimmers dimly,
Twinkling like an idea,

nebula rising tilts our minds skyward
and at long last we see one another.

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman

Do yourself a favor and visit Quasar9; I promise you the stars...

Rolling along "P"...

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