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MOTHER'S DAY, MAY 11th, 2008...

(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

Happy Mother’s Day…

Much of what has been given I’ve taken for granted,
And yet your arms have remained open like the oceans.
Moonlight dances on the water and asks for nothing in return
And all I can do is stand slack jawed at its mystery.

In my hurry, this truth has oftentimes been forgotten,

Lingering near everything that had made me.
Only as I sought my heart’s beginning,
Vanquished of its ego, did I
Ever truly understand this brilliant gift.

Yesterday’s come and gone,
Ocean tides moved without notice
Underneath the light, I see you clearly...


Many a time I have marveled at you,
I’ve not the imagination to reach such
Completeness, such commanding triumphs
Held within your astounding spirit.
Each time I dream of trying I’m
Left with a certainty; your unshakable
Love is indeed my greatest gift,
Evermore I shall cherish the truth of this.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I love you,


Child of ours, mother’s joy,
Heaven stirred when you awoke, with
Each breath contentment took wing,
Love elevated near exactness,
Spirit born of yearning…
Earth’s indelible soul
And embrace of mother to child.

Wonderment never lifted thus or
Equaled a journey so stirring.

Love, your son, our grandchild, will know
Of this joy, see this; ours for his mother,
Vibrant will be such devoted hands
Each time we hold him close.

Your joyous creation and happiness brings
Our own smile, our own merriment, skyward,
Upon this, your remarkable day.

Happy Mother’s Day…


The earth doesn’t move us each the same,
Everyone feels, smells, touches it differently,
Reacts to its wonderment, its motion,
Each person bringing to it its own taste.
Something, the only thing that can rival this
And exceed its power, only a child can say.

“Happy Mother’s Day”...

Your soul is one of craving,
Only it can desire as much,
Love as much,
Affection equal to itself,
Nothing else, save for your children,
Doting on your kindness
And gentle spirit.

Happy Mother’s Day...

© 2008 mrp/tpm

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