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(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

I sought a peace and a grace as bright as this world's beginning, as astounding as nature’s
I sought a truth hidden away and stayed for it to kiss my ready mouth.

I sought the lover’s song with its pursed and famished lips; I wandered the earth for her
Like an angel in search of brilliant wings to pin upon a lungful of air.

I looked where I thought angels dwelled, hoping to glimpse their hands opening up the
I even peered into those spaces where I knew an angel would never fly.

I heard their enchanting music; bells ringing ever so quietly in that dimness of another
Where I imagined us soaring forever in a multicolored sky of birds.

I sought a love and a soul as bright as imagination, as astounding as the world’s red
I sought a veiled truth and lingered there for it to kiss my ready jaws.

I wandered down the streets and the alleys in search of the key to unchain forever’s
Like some weary worn god scouring universes to find his evermore.

I sought all of these things as if I lived in a fairytale of magical creatures that couldn’t
then you, with wing-draped hands, reached down and rescued me.

With true love,

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman
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