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Beck's Dragon

(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

O Mr. Maudlin, it’s a shame you were born of such pitiable motives
And decrepit spine.
You encourage such nausea; fetch such odium to the keepers of truth.
You spin such possibilities.
That’s all they are- No. They’re not even that. They’re white magic;
Vile and superfluous.

Tears of a clown. Fools play. Idiotic charades meant to lure the numb,
The elector androids with sacrosanct levers at their disposal and loud
Flapping jaws ready to drown out all reason and suffocate authenticity.
You’ve an audience riveted to your every word, howl, grimace and tear.
O how these toads must love your fiddle to be so blind to your pretense!

A two-towheaded rock star
Doling out your lies like a Pez dispenser and your crawlers with paws out,
Eyes winked and shit-stained brains sucking up every god-awful speech!
You must be proud to have such sycophants eating out of your hairy pickers.
Elated at the idea of your one-man show bringing fools to don their hankies.
You’ve been groomed, plumed, tuned and spooned out for our consumption
Without as much as a twinkling to the byproduct of such miserable fiction!
The smell must be agonizing following such a shit-crammed night of theatre!
Free Speedo® Nose Plugs for everyone! ShamWow’s® available in the lobby!
You’ve a bona fide Pansy scheme enchanting the natives with frivolous dread!
There’s an eerie whiff of Auschwitz.
A touch of Jonestown Jim Jones!
Post-sideshow to Heavens Gate.
Rise up preacher!
Rise up!
Rise up!

O, but you’re such an insensible little snake selling serum;
A super-tonic that makes hair grow over the eyes and turns the backbone into jelly.
Problem is it only seems to work on those already afflicted;
Those without reason at the outset, without cerebral curiosities.
You’ve captured them with your shady-shoed dance and crocodile tears.

“Pass the plate, my two-towheaded brother! I’ll give my last dime!”
“I’ll give my child to slay the seven-headed dragon consumption!”
“Yes! I too will sacrifice for the cause of liberty!”, “And I!”
“I will follow you!” “We are in!”, “Me too!”, “Yes!” and “Aye!”
Rang the cries of the useless throng…

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman

Hat Tip to Crooks and Liars They Call Him Mr. Maudlin...

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