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-Right Wing Extremists Blaming Latinos for Spreading Swine Flu Across Border
-Another Violent Right-Wing Extremist
-Think About it (Support the Mathew Shepard Act)
-Team Sarah on the Attack
-The US and its ”Great” Leadership in Iraq
-It's an Insult to Suggest Veterans are Bias Crime Victims

I’m appalled by all this shrill lightning,
The stench of something reckless
Like an oven broiling millions
Whose only sin was
Their name.

And then the torture and this war
With its odor of deceit
Standing tall like a knife
Stuck in the back of God.

Do we not understand ourselves enough
To see it? We know the bat finds its prey
Sensing its victims echo as it flutters
In the shadow of self.
And, you and I, what do we feel?

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman
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