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-Zoe Keating @ La Boule Noire Paris Oct 23, 2008/Amanda Palmer cabaret show.

Play from your heart

What's the point of anything if you don't?
What’s to stop us from staying in the middle
While hate’s tangled up in a half-baked peace
And love’s tapping out some half-hearted beat?

Love’s not a liquid flowing between worlds-
It’s now!
It’s the curve of her neck as she turns to gaze at her children.
It’s the teetering laughter heard over the howl of thankless men.

Love’s useless if it only moan’s like a lamb-
It’s loud!
It’s the whispered roar of goodnight as he watches them sleep.
It’s the fearless torrent of immeasurable expressions of grief.

It’s not war… It’s peace.

© 2009 mrp/thepoetryman

-The Point Of It All - "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" Video Series: Part 5-

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