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A loud and vicious faction of wholesale white degenerates
find twisted pleasure in dressing up like perverted linen salesmen
marching down our streets like some Sears-White-Sale Mob
burning crosses and human beings in the name of God!
(And we want to put people away for burning the flag.)

Good ol' Uncle Billy Bob, born `n bred in Arkansas
Is Grand Wizard of Poo-Bah!
Aunt Loretta knits cotton pickin' sweaters on vacation
for her AARP group- The White Aryan Nation!

Grandpa Leroy marches down Main Street
as Grandma dotty soaks sheets in color-safe bleach!
Cousin Cletis applies a black eye to his boy Billy Joe
`Cause he kissed on a girl who's Milato!

O! But, Billy got two eyes to see,
so he bucks up like a man
`cause one day he's gonna be
Grand Wizard of the Klan...


Grand Wizard

White Aryan Nation

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