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See, America, deal with regimes like Iraq
Get in bed with them until they turn
As the beloved president sold to Iran
The echo now swings back and burns

It is a simple law of most frequent return
Never failing; rage, vengeance, greed
You shall harvest what you proliferate
Trumped by the truth of this; our need

Our Soviet friends have entered the frame
Supporting in much the same
Broken regime facing impending empire
Might versus right spatters in echoes fire

America, we’ve cried wolf to the world
With backs to wall and a failed leadership
It is now time to dismount our pride
And let the eruption, the boiling subside

The echo needn’t swing back and destroy
Let us demand release, for her to be freed
It might heal our now bleeding flesh
Let us the gardener’s hand to plant this seed

Russia denies Iraq secret claims

Russia Fact

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