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On “Imus In the Morning” earlier today, Chris Matthews ripped into Bush’s handling of Iraq (Watch it here):

"Everybody was led to believe that we were getting payback, we were avenging what happened on 9-11 and that we are going to get them. … We pursued the terrorists back to Iraq. And it’s all nonsense. The reason there are terrorists in Iraq today like Zarqawi is we created the opening by blowing the country apart. …"

Therein lies the problem:

Get them!?
Pure nonsense!
If we, the US, continue to push this theme
of “payback” or “avenging”, Bush regime foreign policy, this our “rage for 9-11″, then I’d say we will surely fail on all levels. It is pure idiocy to peer through the depressive lens of “revenge” and expect any positive outcome for the country or the world.
We have become what we were supposed to be “avenging”.
How sad.

Think Progress on Mathews

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