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ENIGMA4EVER: "PoetryMan : thanks for the sympathy...nope ..not my car...
but if it was I would be rushing to get my new Porsche Cayenne (sigh)...( hey a gal's gotta dream....)" 12:00 AM

POETRYMAN: "Jag, Enigma4! Jaguar! :>)" 11:13 AM

ENIGMA4: "Oh my you have good taste in ....a screw the porsche)" 11:20 PM


Jags just my dream...along with yours,
I'd assume, yet a horse
Would be my preferred form of transportation...
Another dream of mine, but more realistic in price,
Yet not necessarily in my traveling life.

I mean if Wal-Mart had a hitching post outside
And a big field of plush green grass set wide
For parking lot
And less child slave labored by lust
And if the highways were dirt
And the skyline filled with wonderment
Instead of smog and construction dust
I'd probably ride a horse to Washington DC
And let it be known,

"I have no intentions of being absorbed by tyranny!
I will not stand for your empirical reasoning!
I will not slaughter a people for envy!
I will not stand by while you desecrate
This; our founding document
Or the worlds crust
With your breeding of fear's intent!
I will ride over you
And beyond you
And spit pity
On your shadow as you descend!"


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