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"Alone of gods Death has no love for gifts, Libation helps you not, nor sacrifice. He has no altar, and hears no hymns; From him alone Persuasion stands apart."
Aeschylus (525-465 B.C.) "Niobe"

Shrouded maidens sleeping on the air
Bronze and silver and reddening metals
Men crouched upon the mist of morning
Singing in the cold earthpressed grave

Let us hear the pleas
Of brown backs, slave of beautiful faces
Of white necks, slave of glittering eyes

Souls arm in arm wading through ether
Hands stolen skyward holding bladed sun
Cry out amidst the rubble
Call out to us your grief on bursting lips
Wag thy tongues in dread pitching forth

Children flying down, falling luminaries
Rescue will be swift my dears
Come now
Into the arms of Azrael

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