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2004- "...when we were fooling ourselves about the danger of terrorism, we were actually in the greatest danger. When you don’t confront correctly and view realistically, the danger that you face, that’s when you’re at the greatest risk...."

2004- "The president was cautious the president was prudent the president did what a commander in chief should do. No matter how you try to blame it on the president the actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there. Did they search carefully enough? Didn't they search carefully enough?"

2006- Mayor Rudy: The former mayor, who was sitting next to scale models of the World Trade Center in court, said:

"By the time the second plane hit, we knew for sure it was a terrorist attack."
He added that after the towers collapsed, it looked like a "nuclear cloud" was going through Manhattan, Reuters news agency reported. The scene at the World Trade Center site was "horrid".
"It was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life," Mr Giuliani told the jury.
"You could see parts of human bodies, hands and legs, a lot of injured... this was a war, this was a battle, we were attacked," the AFP news agency quoted him as saying."


I protest the manner of your speech,
Today and then, that America’s streets
Are hardened under our feet,
Matted with the dried hair of our children.
For cause, not unknown to us,
They were mislaid.
Of the souls perished in your fine city,
Of all the beautiful spirits lost of our horrible day,
I protest your roaring order of speckled speech.
Your words so easily slipped `tween brazen teeth
Of that day the planes found our America home;
The aftermath of storm, the rigorous oppression
Involving the true nature of this; humankind.

“Horrid” and “worst thing”
And “battle” and “attack”
And damnable “nuclear cloud”
And “troop responsibility”
And “parts of human bodies”
And “arms” and “legs”
“This was a war, a battle,
We were attacked!”

I protest your fearful language
Used to influence
An already predisposed jury!

Your words are nothing more than staged rhetoric
Meant to ignite, once again, the holy masses
Behind your failed leader upon his makeshift thrown!
These words conciliate nothing
But that the dried hair and life’s liquid
Needn’t be coined for emphasis absurd
Or exacerbate our rage and sorrow…


Peace, my friend,
Is the missing sound.
Peace is not a pejorative
Unsafe to utter.
Let us make our exit of this stage!

Peace is what should have landed that day,
Not mockery of the spirit; virulent rage!
It is neither ours nor yours to throw!
Not your rehearsed version of events,
Emboldened to propel, to plunge
Yet another god-soul to death
In putrid eye for eye code!

Yes! Mayor, I protest your god-smack verbiage,
Your dance for another death,
For we all shall wander through this day’s ruin!
The world will now forever journey near the river,
Suicidal, empirical, regretful, sorrowful, and dead
Thinking that words need darkness to swim…


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