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I found myself riveted
Not by Mr. Taylor’s truths
But by the sycophant applause
And frivolous amusement

It was not nervous laughter
Nor awkward ovation I heard
It was righteous insanity
Madness ingratiatingly twisted

The cemented sycophantic spectators
Stooping to their bloody emperor
Upon despot in humanity's waiting
At once nauseating
Then horrifying

I have seen it many times now,
The ghostly vision of sweet nothing
Endearment to murderer
Admiration for tyrant

I have seen its image before
In the historically monstrous films
Grainy black and white illusions
Another naïve and willful ovation

We needn't applaud this man
Nor prop up his unholy command
We need swiftly stem it
Before our dismal film is made...

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