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Rest your igniting treachery within this world.
Give respite to the heart beating `neath the stone.
Gaze upon the earth’s laurels for a time,
Reflect upon the beautiful light of the harvest moon,
Recall the wonder of lights swimming over the ice,
Reach for the song of nature’s awakening.

I will meet you there my friend upon the vast waters.
I will meet you upon the glorious mountains.
I will meet you upon the mighty shore.
I will meet you there, at peace in the valley of man.
We'll exchange the most magnificent of songs,
And with one another trade glimmering humanity.

Let us not look upon hunger t
hanking God we're not
For we are my friend; our living is empty.

Give to them not a beggar’s insult
But instead feed of them.
Nourish them as you would your offspring.
Nourish them as you would a dear friend.
Look into the hunger and exchange goodness.
Quench their need and you'll extinguish your own,
Give them drink and you will no more be parched,
Exchange with them your most magnificent song
Trade with them your glimmering hope.

Let us not waste this, our humanity,
In the breath and mastery of war


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