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The liberated look like old faces,
Wrinkled paintings slipped of their canvas,
Felled by ruthless, invading artists
Wielding hot metal brushes
With a king’s delight upon them!

Eye the people of this cherished land
Exploding in sovereignty's stroke,
Spitting in the face of tyranny!
See them as they lunge forth of liberty!
Hear them utter, “I detest you, America!”

“Look, America, what you’ve done!"
"We asked not for your renderings!”
“Damn you! Paint someone else’s life!"
"Make art of your own careless creature!"
Hear them utter, "No more of these, your blistering strokes upon our sovereign home!”

The liberated look like old faces,
Living draped hastily over death,
Red within their life’s breath,
White etched upon their anger,
Blue adorning their children’s hue...

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