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US President George W Bush has unveiled plans,
including an inquiry into price fixing, to lower
the cost of oil and cut climbing petrol prices.
Mr Bush told the Renewable Fuels Association
that the US needs to "get off its dependency on oil"
as crude costs have moved towards record levels.
The US will also stop topping up
the strategic oil reserve, boost domestic output
and promote alternative fuels.
On Tuesday oil hit $73.73 a barrel on New York
and rose to $73.60 in London.
"Long-term we need to power our automobiles
with something other than oil.”

What a progressive thinker you are, George!
Wow! Your smarts is/are stimulating!
Who’d of thunk it? With you as the
We’re sure to live to see the day
That your
profits come second
To citizenry of thou blessed kingdom!
You said an uneasy mouthful there!
Didn’t ya,

“Loooonnnngggg teeerrrrrrmmm!”

You don’t do things “short term”, do ya?
You draw them out, prolong them.
Like your bumble-weeding chuckle
Trailing off as stupidly as it
Like your stuffed to the gills deficit!
Your protracted foreign policy slag!
Your eternal war of good versus evil!
Long suffering occupations!
Incessant stream of body bags!
Syrupy coffins treading homeward!
Inebriated speeches that meander
And spill like a drunken
A slow, steady reminding the masses
Of terror’s finicky color-coded wail!
An intellect that slugs along peening;
Whet-stoning a knowledgeable serenity
While reaping the
underbrush for war!
You’re a real thinker, GW!
A complete
rhetorical package…
Without you, as king, this planet
Would be in total pandemonium!
Looooonnnnnng teeeerrrrrrrm!


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