This is the new blog...CONFESSION ZERO


I was standing outside watching the storm clouds
Riveted in their burst and flash and deafening roll,
Booming like some massive elevated train wreck;
Crashing steel through bone, flesh, and living soul.
As the rain pattered like joyful puppies at my feet
I pictured my own child amidst the shock and awe
Sobbing for her mommy within the tumbling house
And the riveting silence pursuing her shrieking jaw.

Wake up, baby. Can’t seem to wake you, sweety.
You don’t want to be late for school. Wake up.
I wonder what your mother will have to say?
Come on, honey. I packed your lunch today.
I said wake up. You have perfect attendance.
Don’t mess it up now. You are doing so well.
Get out of that bed now! You’re going to be late!
You’ve not laughed `til you cried, you must awake!

You need to grow older so you can see splendor!
There’s so much you’re missing! Don’t stop now!
Beautiful buildings, the moon, stars, waving flags!
Lots of bloody waving flags! Wake up! God damn it!
Steady the roar on your arm, now draw the thunder,
Endure the bomb in time and liberate it of its grasp,
Rain down your shock and clout your awe forthwith,
Rock you safely to sleep `til the storm has passed.

Goodnight, baby…

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