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The Americans can't return the three years that Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost lost, locked in a cell in Guantánamo Bay. But they could at least give back his poetry."Please help," said Dost, who says he penned 25,000 lines of verse during his long imprisonment. "Those words are very precious to me. My interrogators promised I would get them back. Still I have nothing."
The lost poems are the final indignity for Dost, a softly spoken Afghan whom the US military flew home last year, finally believing his pleas of innocence... (

A tiger made of thoughts crouched in rancid chamber
And penned enslaved words of his freedom’s famine
An enormous head wobbled over the prison barricade
Wagging blackened tongue to lap the tiger’s mane
The cat roared and spattered victory on paper cup
Young soldiers, frenzied with the folly, explode
The tiger makes note of their cackling redness
Licking the last drop of bittersweet verse
White jaws seized his twenty-five thousand odes
Yet the cat still runs open these guarded prison walls
Verse stolen of peace, hope, dignity and redness

Gitmo Inmates Share Ordeal

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