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THE RESULTS OF THE ELECTION ARE IN - As the polls close and results are tallied, emotions are running high. Santos and Josh are faced with the loss of their Vice Presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Vinick disagrees with his campaign team.

Methinks it is television.

They might have an impeachment hearing,
Engage in a preemptive war,
Or an occupation onslaught.
They could have
A scripted plan for withdrawal,
Or a no holds barred press conference
And no doubt a sixty minute plot.

Yet, by no means, will they have a real impeachment hearing of a real president of the United States.

They will never have a valid examination of an actual war crime via a solid lie that, thus far, has felled 2,400 service men and women of a bona fide country dreadfully in need of the whole story.

Now, “The West Wing”
May offer some hope,
Or, at the most,
Some artistic mirror
Reflecting the dire needs
Of a country's people.
Or perhaps it may
Offer some respite
From the bloody truth of it,
Yet that, I believe,
Will remain the problem
Of the show and ultimately
Of the state of our union;
An unbelieving people
Watching, yet another,
Unbelievable story
That neither they
Nor the world
Might quickly, nor painlessly affect.

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