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I dreamed I had colossal hands.
I mean the size of hope!

Someone asked,
“Are those your hands?”

And I said,

"I wish they were, my friend…
If I had hands that big
I would have held Iraq
Before the war
And kept her children in.

I’d have put her in my hands
And ran so far away!

Away from empire!
From conquerors
And maddened men!

And while I ran

I’d have held her close
Near my ear
And I’d have learned to speak
Her language,
And heard her
People dear.”

hen someone asks,
“What of
Saddam and his sons?”

And I say,
“I’d Leave on a ranch
I'd have dropped them off.
In Crawford, Texas!
I hear brush is cleared there
More than not!”

Then my hands started to shake
And I heard the people in them
Begin to slake,
`Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

الحريه الحريه الحريه الحريه

A small boy then stood upon my wrist
And declared to me,
`You can put us down, my friend,
We are finally free…’

يمكنك ان تضع'نحن الان علي صديقي. نحن احرار

I awoke suddenly!
I could still hear
The echoes of `freedom’...
My hands trembled.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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