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"Janet Grass, 52, had planned to retire from the military in about 10 months after spending 19 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Instead, she has been ordered to leave her job as a special-education teacher in Cascade to do security work in the Middle East..." (Continue.)

“Being over there is being in a different world.”

Suppose each grain of sand had a name
And suppose a breathing child was each grain
Suppose that as the tainted boots tread upon them
A small light was painted within the countenance of the heavens
And with each step hundreds of sparks floated upward
Singing beautiful noises that shook the sacred earth,
Diving deep to the ocean floor calling forth goodness.
With every boot, with every cannon, and every bomb
Small lights rose up and joined with the ecstasy of civilization,
And the whole of the world illuminated in a divine radiance!

Suppose the world under the boots was not so different
Suppose the grains of sand were rocks, each with a name.
Suppose that as the tainted shoe treads over them
They too burst into radiance and wonderment,
And that a small light was again painted upon the sky,
And as they rose they sang peaceful hymns for all
And then the songs plunged to the bottom of the sea
Calling forth the soldiers of goodness and hope,
Shimmering lights arising in the hope of humankind
And the whole of the earth and the heavens glowed!

Then might we see our plundering, our digression.
Then might we commence to speak not of war,
But of truth, the truth of our precipitous combat,
Of empirical warring over humankind’s rendering!
A full scale Enlightenment! A true acceptance
Of others… A world lit in hope attentive to peace,
Not to sending grandmothers, fathers, or children to wars
Of greedy men’s inclinations en route for false kingdoms
Designed to shroud the few in power’s Golden Fleece!
What remarkable light’s born of this… we do not know,
But suppose.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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