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LEFT TO REALITY (A country song sung by GW)

Sweet Bessy! Sweet Bessy! Sweet Bessy!
Those numbers!
They's gotta to be wrong!
This don't sound like
no damn country song!

Tell me my numbers
is based orn a lie!
Tell me my numbers
will soon `gin to rise!
I needs good news
`cause Karl jist died!

Tell me I'm `bout to run
into some ol' fangled luck!
Tell me right quick
`at my odometer's jist stuck!

I need some relief
fer my kids `n first wife!
O! My numbers best git up,
`r I'll take my own life!

O! Sing me a lullaby, Bessy,
Don't leave me alone!
Sing me yer chariot's comin'
to carry me home!

Numbers ain't somethin'
`at's much use in my boil!
All I need's my gun, my truck,
and my sweet country's oil!

O! Sweet Bessy,
sing me yer purty little song!
`Cause numbers like `is
means sumpkin's goned wrong!

O! Sweet Bessy!
Rock me to sleep
with yer country fried ditty,
I mean sumpkin ain't right!
if'n I'm feelin' this shitty!

O! Sweet Bessy!
Ramble yer sweet ol' fiddle!
`Come lay with me,
with my dog in th' middle!

O! Sweet Bessy,
jump `n shout if ya please!
My country's done took
a hard Left To Re-al-ity!

O! Sweet Bessy!
O! Sweet Bessy!
O! Sweet Bessy, ramble on...

Copyright © 2006 mrp
For A La Gauche

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