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We hope that this letter would leave its impact with the same intention, view and expediency that it has been written… (more)
--Manuchehr Mottaki--Iranian foreign minister--

Somewhere something has plunged beneath the surface
Toward the fiery core of last rites.
We are now confronted with our assured darkness
In the bending supremacy, wet and ascending,
Nodding to God’s turned eyes.

We should be determined to face its pitiless shadow,
Lash it to truth and force it relinquish its wish.
And at the foot of the drifting tree of our knowledge
We must implore it lay down its malignancy
Now pointing upon the touch of heaven.

Somewhere something shall burst through the surface
Toward the stunned sky, wet and ravenous.
It will beckon the murderer. It will summon the thief.
We must beseech it free our reckless child
Now bending of annihilation’s reach.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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