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As sleeps large mechanisms wrestled through
The heat-pointed auburn of my awakening
Of the world in bomb-tumbling rapture
And my eye’s eyes scanned against the light
I read the news of your retiring demise…
Just another smoldering intelligence failure
The spirit of our nation’s integrated malfunction.

The president said that you have
“Led ably.”
Another someone said of your departure
“Thank God!”
It must be the cold minister’s charade
Like the snorting failure of our moment.
Another said,
“The CIA is in free fall.”
Could it be a farce that wrangles our listening
Could it be, yet another, obscured and utter lie?

Your departure seems swift and irreconcilable.
The eyes of a lifeless possum have more to say
Than you’ve ever whispered as head of the CIA.
Your fair lion has charged out kingdom’s gate
With not so much as a roar made of silence.
Left swift through the hands of probing allegiance
Your post gaping in the stupefaction of collapse
Leaves us exposed to a louder, more cruel choice.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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