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After each bomb removes blood-stained sidewalks
After each bullet eradicates love-stained happiness
After each grenade bursts hope-soiled reverence
After each body wrapped in fury-fouled vengeance

Are we to tell our children they’re safer for our rage?
Are we to smile, hold hands, and sing sacred songs?
Are we to not know the truth of that offended land?
Will our history books tell the real story of this age?

After each bombed sidewalk is made brand new again
Will shoes step off when a white man walks their way?

After the happiness is replaced and made to laugh anew
Will sadness travel elsewhere less sorrows need to stay?

After holy worshippers again lift their prayers to the sky
Will man need evoke God’s name to take a life away?

After each body finds no
reason for strapping death to rib
Might fury's mask then be lifted and no more children die?

Copyright © 2006 mrp
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