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SEN. JOHN MCCAIN: Well, we’ve got a conflict going on in Iraq where the United States is fighting and doing everything that they can to help democracy evolve there. The Prime Minister of Iraq and others have condemned Hezbollah and say they do not support them. So, if you want to have our effort in Iraq impaired by this situation, go ahead, but I think the Democrats are proving again why they’re not qualified to lead. (...More.)

O! The trampling `neath your footsteps of gloom
Echoes flatly across the confused cackle of our minute.
Your jaw, a puppet’s maw, flaps for thy emperor,
And smiling you deny you’ve nothing within it.

Your mind’s been recaptured, tortured of its reality,
Lashed, electrocuted and beaten to terror’s submission.
Nights in the trenches where rigid haste nuzzles death
You sleep intolerantly, a face nestled in surrender.

O! Tis now the eve of your damp spirit’s reckoning,
Heed the whispers upon your lifeless slumber!
A black trumpet sounds to your congregated faltering
And a barren drop of pride clanks its bones in honor.

Your vision is no more a young maverick’s exactitude
But a hollow suppliant, pitiful as the yelp of an injured dog,
A burning that cannot be doused by an ocean of joy
Nor returned to thy pledge of our path to walk upon.

Copyright © 2006 mrp

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