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BLIND FAITH (in Salt Lake City)


O! Shoreline of exactness
Flickering palely through
Might I, in clarification,
Seek sway of a word oft used?

It was spoken,
“Blind faith in bad leaders”,
now held, “is not patriotism.”
Of this the good man is surely right,
but is it not true that “Blind faith and bad leaders”
are the scab-riddled progeny of patriots?

Nationalism is cause of man's stumbling,
lifting their hooves in worthless chatter;
one country, two indoctrinated factions
braying in one assembly of devotion.

Jingoism, nationalism, patriotism…
Have we gone unreservedly mad?
Have we mislaid all our forethought,
Been indoctrinated so deeply so
that we can’t see the stone upon the path?

Come! Stay your hooves of empty marching!
Relinquish love of thankless fatherland,
and gentle the moving earth in dance
not in wretched possession or clanking wars,
but in union with her entire sumptuous shores.

Come! Let us speak no more of country!
Let us love the world…completely.

Copyright © 2006 mrp / thepoetryman

Transcipt of mayors speech
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