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(A Poetic Justice Production)
Music-Pink Floyd's "Money"

The pigheaded door has been slung wide
on America and her poor beneath the sun.
People have begun to listen, awaken to these oafish brutes!
There is hope in this. There is hope in this.

Years have seen another and another and another
of rigid, bias-stained cloak slung over the hideous gash!
The hordes of misery howl on the shores of freedom,
on these, our milky plains, as the brutes stand idly by.

But today there is risen hope! A plea’s been uttered,
angels again peruse our golden crop in the valley of our fortune!
May the sloping howl of mercy drown the screech of plenty
And restrain these beasts so that hope might live…

Copyright © 2007 mrp / thepoetryman

With new dawn and her penned in sheep
Held behind razor-lines of days gone by
In this troubled land of waggle and flash
Charges the lion to set us upright.
To light the path of strength alone
And offer guidance within the gloom.

Loose hands and fall back, we seem to say.
Turn out and let go-
Head down into the shadows of collapse-
Into the whole… fall together, we seem to say.

Then rises his blast of the hellhole down of roaring,
“I’m not gone”
“Still alive”
“Breathing and strong”
“Now into the bright sun we journey to fight”
He howls!

© 2008 mrp/thepoetryman

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