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(A Poetic Justice Collage)

U.S. Gives Iraqi Hospitals Broken Promises in Place of Medicine
by Dahr Jamail
While US authorities sit on billions in funds supposedly earmarked for rebuilding Iraq, civilian hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed, basic supplies are scarce and preventable diseases are spreading.
Baghdad; July 5, 2004 – Despite promises of over $1 billion in US funding, hospital patients in Iraq continue to suffer ongoing hardship. Problems plaguing Iraqi hospitals fifteen months into what has been a brutal, bloody occupation range from ongoing medicine and equipment shortages to an overall lack of proper medical infrastructure.

As time has turned the union’s fate to powder,
In lasting grasp the lovers tongue’s promptly faded
And the stroke of burning desire’s a thrashing ache.

Their aspiration,
Their damp lips an ogre’s tapering,
Like the impulse to kill.

Outside our kingdom where the bough’s toss in the gale,
The shadows shift sudden radiance over stunned lovers,
The interruption comes loud and banging greedily
Through awkward fingers dancing on youthful breath
Seized with living.

There’s just one small cot for their sessions,
No room to operate,
No medicine or drugs
And no physician’s god-hand.

Our groping of liberation felled; belated, squandered.
Their lover’s face haggard, hollow eyes open, no remedy,
Limbs broken up and away... unable to reach one another.

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