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(Ben Heine - Cartoons)

We, the mighty union, corporate suckling’s, do love this casualty, our blindness,
our termination…
We, the sycophantic mass, entrust this day to loyalty with an arched and listless celebration, a trivial breath and national arrogance in endless parade of glory’s
trampled rag…
We to that yawning nation born must eulogize her leaders in ire filled mantras
to cleave `way our decaying conscience, and the pliable children the taunt
of certainty…
We must send out a message to the world that we’ve no intention of yielding;
a thunderous caution `neath the mantle that shall end the stumbling arsenals
of horror…
A dragon’s teeth so magnificent that no enemy’s voyage can come crashing
through our streets of gold to murder our forgotten hope and steal the last light
of our imaginings…
We, we the people, surely have more ruthless and wretched warring in us?
More upon this national celebration, hunkered down `neath our sovereign date
of leader's praise...
We are shock and awe, mighty Ares; distrusted and unpredictable aggression.
We’ve our fear to instill, reckoning to transport; warfare’s Goddamned glee;
a world to sacrifice…

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

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