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Arundhati Roy on the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

(Ben Heine - Cartoons)WAITING FOR IT
a poem by thepoetryman

Why do they stay there, between war and peace?
Sky’s tapestry doles out guns, bombs and rocks
While flesh and bone swim away from the ache
Yet live on as the food for the murder of peace.

Why do we hide from the truth as if it were an ogre
While death makes a home inside their living
And war dispatches a raven to their door,
Smirking with the teeth of empire?

Why do we wait, stooped for another wink?
The sky’s drapery has tossed down ample clues;
Peace is breathing in harmony with war.
(Roadmaps are useless to blind leaders.)

Why do they hold there, hunched in the gloom?
Hatred’s bird cackling with bereavement
Needs end. Are we not rightly dishonored
When we fill its trough with blood?

© 2007 mrp/thepoetryman

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