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O! George! Do not smile upon the occupied,
Or embrace them in arrogant triumph!
You and your cohorts have created nothing,
And nothing is not triumphant, you feckless ass!
You've destroyed the yielding flesh of so many.
You've bludgeoned the very light of a people,
Formed a terrorist haven for your own pleasure;
A delight that you dictate so comfortably
From some goddamned stolen chair!
There is no sanctuary for you now.
There are few allies
Outside of the beneficiaries of your battle.
The Iraqi people do not desire your bloody rhetoric,
They'd lop off your crown for the hungry world to witness
If you walked the streets of their counterfeited freedom.
O! George! If you did travel
You’d not have a country to return to.
This kingdom you wish for will not be forthcoming!
When you smile your confident smirk remember this;
It is the sneer of a failed monarch in a country of presidents.

Copyright © 2006 mrp
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