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Clinton, McCain Push Experience Button
February 21, 2008; Page A10

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Barack Obama is facing attacks on two fronts on one of the toughest issues facing his campaign: whether he has the experience necessary to be the nation's commander in chief.

Both Sen. Hillary Clinton, his rival in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, and Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, are arguing that Mr. Obama, who has no military background and few foreign-policy credentials, is ill-equipped to serve as commander in chief. Both say he would stack up poorly next to Mr. McCain, a Vietnam War hero who has been involved in many foreign-policy debates during his Senate career. Mrs. Clinton also has some foreign-policy experience from her time in the Senate and as first lady.

These feet have been unduly shackled to the ground as I flew!
I am the mighty warrior tromping with my gun melded to peace
As my limbs and brittle wits prowl the ticking wounds of clocks!

Well this back has grappled the brunt of hostilities acquaintance
While I made mother and wife of wounded man’s indifference
And my heart cried out and splattered new paths toward the sun!

Oh! Well my back’s been beaten like a rug in a whispering house!
In this harsh sphere I’ve survived as the jig hung torture’s frame!
I’ve served my country with an honor seized only for imagined kings!

Ha! My intellect has endured kissing frogs upon the chauvinist’s granite,
Confessing my sins that swim tall under the waters of desiccated power,
Moving steel to thwart beasts and rise above evil’s shapeless reach!

Bah! It is I that has sacrificed most and guided the flower to its color,
Felt the brush of monstrous talons light upon my wingless back
And held my puffed tongue as moonlight melted a steel saloon!

No! It is I who has devoted my being to the ram’s horn of service!
I’m the mother and daughter; surrogate nurse to fatherless country!
In my time I've witnessed the grave song lend its radiance to daybreak!

This is my time! I’ve no more to offer after this, so stand aside and weep!
Let time consume the least of energy in a revival of war and casualty,
Bring the black bird to the seed and watch its plane ticket burst into joy!

Back off, old man of the air! My homeland calls out with a lion’s verse
And delivers quick her plea; tiny kisses of shame on lips of change!
I'll deliver the tall house and homeless box to the bending scratch of hope!

The hell you can, witches portent! I’m the one that’s skilled in death!
You’re led to the river of dread by the almighty whisperer of misfortune!
Me! I can best guide us out the rooting swamp creeping over our night!

Empty promises are your forte! My occurrence is unpaid and bright!
Yours is tedious and owned by the highest bidder at doom’s auction!
It is mine that's ready, ripe upon the heels of our ill decree come lately!

Me! Mine! Bitch! Bastard! Whore! Whore! Despot! Geriatric! Idiot!
My time! You lose! Louse! Twit! Nitwit! Leftist! Elitist! Doomsayer!
Screw you! No! Fuck you! Go to hell! Up yours! Miscreant! Commy!
Fuck off! Kiss my ass! You’re all ass! Pucker up! Die already! Gaywad!
Effeminate! Whore of Babylon! Fluff! Powder Puff! I! Douchebag! I!
Mine! Me! Cackling old hen! Babbling old toad! Fuck! Suck! Rat! Nimrod!

Just words?

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