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An Ode to Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

(A Poetic Justice Photomontage)

Democratic U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress and a strong critic of the Iraq war, died Wednesday after a brain hemorrhage. (More...)

Stephanie was a “…fearless friend and unyielding advocate…” Barack Obama.

They gazed in awe at the black oak tree
standing tall above their many ashen faces.

She smiled upon them with lustrous teeth;
a majestic peace formed of its own will.

In the day she offered them her shade,
in the evenings,
the soothing light of her moon.

The warm curve of her skin embraced them,
spoke with them,
arcing her limbs in benevolent dance.

When the people would fix their eyes upon her
she kindly offered mother, sister, friend
and her grace touched them, as it does now,
in their search for an equally dazzling poem…

© 2008 mrp/tpm

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